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The Freedom Experiment

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On running away: Are you leaving or are you arriving?

Are you leaving?  

I arrived in Vancouver, BC, this morning.

I'm currently touring the west coast, and I am feeling feelings that I haven't felt in a long time. It's a little bubbly feeling of excitement and possibility, my inner guidance system is basically saying "yes, this is it."


After years of constant travel, I was craving a home base and bought an apartment in Oslo (Norway) 1,5 years ago. And since India last summer, I haven't really been travelling – apart from a few short trips to Spain. I needed to catch up with myself.

And now I am feeling that bubbly adventure-loving part of me come to life once again. I've only been on the road for two weeks, but I am already feeling so alive. It's magical, really, how I bloom when I am on the go. Everything feels possible, and I am feeling strong and grounded in myself.

It's interesting to see how much more confident I have become just in the past year. I'm a strong solo traveller now, no longer anxious and withdrawn.

I am no longer running away from something back home, I am approaching new adventures.

Do you know the difference between when you're running away and when you are walking towards something? 

In essence, these are two sides of the same coin – so look for your primary motivation. Are you going on vacation because you need a break from your life? Or are you travelling to learn new things and to have new adventures? Both could be equally true, but your motivation may be grounded a little more in either.

Fear and excitement are very closely related. When you are running away, you are more in the fear zone. When you are running towards, you are more in the excitement zone. Can you tell the difference? It's easy to tell yourself that you are excited about something out there, when in your essence you are really afraid of staying put where you are.


A handy tool for telling these apart is to notice how the feeling feels in your body. Are you feeling more open? Or more closed?

Excitement and possibility is usually felt as an openness in the body. An inhale. You feel vast and airy and tingly.Fear and running away is more often felt as a contraction in the body. An exhale, or you're holding your breath. You feel smaller, you crunch your muscles, you feel shaky.

Take a little moment today to check in with yourself. Are you running away? Or are you chasing the light?

I chased the light tonight, quite literally. After arriving at my friend Saar's house, and after catching up on some work, we went to a sunset drum circle out on a beach in Stanley Park.

Hundreds of people were there, drumming and dancing, swimming, sunbathing and laughing. And when the sun went down behind the mountains, everyone cheered as the last rays of sun kissed our skin. And then we lay down in the hot sand, perfectly blissed out, our blood pulsating in our veins, and all we were thinking about was how much we love this city and how much we really want to...



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Somewhere, with

the bones of the black sticks left when the fire has gone out

someone has written something new in the ashes of your life.

You are not leaving. Even as the light fades quickly now, you are arriving.

David Whyte, The Journey