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Stop hiding behind your Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure

It's time to stop hiding behind your fear of failure.

Yes, we are all afraid to fail. And that is exactly why fear of failure is not a good excuse for not doing what you want to do.

Because fear of failure is human. We all feel it.

Richard Branson, Danielle LaPorte, Beyoncé, JK Rowling, Woody Allen, Malala, Brené Brown, Bono and Seth Godin. Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Ghandi, Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Walt Disney and William Shakespeare – I'm willing to bet that every single one of them are or was afraid to fail.

Fear. is. human.

Those odd humans who didn't feel fear? They died from their own stupidity a long long time ago. Feeling fear means that you are a survivor.

What differentiates those who live extraordinary lives from those who live merely mediocre ones,  is that those who make amazing things happen in their lifetime:

They felt the fear, and then they did it anyways.

They faced the fear every morning, most likely, every single day of their lives.

The people who achieve the extraordinary?

They wake up, they feel the fear, and then they do what needs to be done.

You can live that way too.

Yes, it may mean that you hit the stage when you feel like you are gonna throw up.

Yes, it may mean that you hit send on the e-mail with so much anxiety in your belly that you sit completely folded over.

Yes, it may mean that you go to the meeting and say what needs to be said, while at the same time spending all of your power pushing back the tears that are forcing their way out behind your eyes.

Yes, it may mean that you have to make sacrifices and take risks that will keep you up at night, every night, for a long time.

Yes, it may mean that you sit down to work every morning feeling shaky, vulnerable and slightly dizzy – and that's not from the (lack of) coffee.

Here is the thing: You get used to it. And you may even grow to like it.

Because the reward is a life that is so far beyond your dreams that you couldn't have fantasised about it even if you tried. The reward is that you will do work so meaningful that you lose track of time and space. The reward is that you will leave this world in a bazillion times better place than when you entered it.

The reward is so much happiness that it will completely push fear out of tha house.

So stop hiding behind your "fear of failure".

Don't use it as an excuse, as a reason or as an explanation for why you are not taking action.

It's time to rise up to your greatness.

Feel the fear take a deep breath and

(let that shit)