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15 Sustainable Ways to Raise your Vibrations


The blood is rushing through your veins, except, it doesn't feel like blood, it feels like champagne. You can feel the buzz, and the feeling is exhilarating. Your eyes glow, and so does your skin.

Random people compliment you on the street. You feel 4 inches taller. And suddenly, so many things are just going your way, and life feels ... easy.

The usual self-doubt is replaced with a grounded sense of competency. Running your own business feels like piece of cake. You feel productive and confident. Heck, even your day job feels suspiciously ...okay.

There is no delusional mania or grandeur here, because you also feel connected, grounded and calm. Bubbly, but collected, like you are not so much flying as cruising the constant up-drift, far above everything else, strong and powerful, like an eagle queen.

It's times like these, when you feel the universe align around you,

that dreams come true.

This is how I feel when my vibrations are high and my energy is in flow. It's a feeling that is beyond words, and any attempt at describing it is futile at best. Images may describe it better, even for a seasoned writer. When my vibrations are high, I feel like a combination of all of these:


Most of all though, I feel taller, and my mind feels like it is flying above all the nitty gritty meaningless stuff of everyday life. I mean, I've never been the one to indulge in illegal substances, but I have a feeling they call it a high for a reason.

There are two types of high's though, one that doesn't feel so great afterwards.... and one that does. And as you may know, you can get an exhilarating feeling that feels A LOT like having high energetic vibrations from a vide range of not-so-healthy (nor legal) activities.

The problem with a lot of those things, is that they are deeply unsustainable. You can feel pretty high walking out of the store with a new Chloé bag (not that I've tried, though!) or racing down the highway way faster than the speed limit (haven't tried that one either...) – or from sitting on the roof of a hotel, after climbing out the window, at night, in Madrid, looking out over the city and down over the edge. (Full disclosure: I'm speaking from experience on this one.) In the moment, I'm sure all unsustainable highs feel amazingly forbidden and magical.

However, the unsustainable high usually fades even faster than it arrived and you're left with craving more, more, more until it totally gets out of hand.

To the contrary, when your vibrations are high on a sustainable energetic level, you feel content and fulfilled. It's an amazing feeling, but it's not addictive in the same way because you're deeply grounded and not putting yourself or anyone else at risk. You are doing activities that are deeply aligned with your soul's purpose. And the best thing? You can control it, because it comes from inside you. 


15 Sustainable Ways to Raise your Vibrations


One of the easiest ways I know to raise my vibrations is to travel to new and exciting places. (Hint: they may be closer to home than you think!) Be strategic in your choice of destination, as you may already know what kind of places you are attracted to. Some places that give me high vibrations just by thinking about them is Costa Rica, Tokyo, India, Marrakech and New York City. What places are on your high vibrations travel list?

Use Essential oils

Essential Oils of all kinds is my most recent obsession and I am using them every day in order to lift my spirits. Using essential oils is a fast, easy and cheap way of creating a lush and magical environment. My favourite uplifting oils are Frankincense, Peppermint and an elevating blend of different oils with mood boosting qualities. Want to learn more? Check out this free webinar by my friend Saar Grolleman, and mention the code #freedomexperiment with your order to get some extra fabulous bonuses from yours truly.

Try ecstatic dance

Dancing can raise your vibrations like nothing else. Try dancing without being drunk or going to a gym class, for even better results. If you haven't tried ecstatic dance or free dance or Five Rhythms, I highly recommend looking up an event near you!

Engage in rituals

There is immense spiritual power in rituals and practices when you do them with intention and grace. I wholeheartedly recommend to start your day with a morning ritual. If you need ideas, check out this post, or this or this.

Create atmosphere

Happiness, excitement and joy doesn't just happen – you have to create an environment for it. Decorate your home in a way that will lift you up to great heights. Surround yourself with colours, artwork, textures, scents, candles and other elements that make you feel bubbly and inspired. This is especially important if you are working from home, but it can be applied in any office environment. Make sure you have a few things on your desk that make you feel amazing!

Play with children

And no, I don't mean to just entertain them, or let them play with you while you play the grown up. Play with children on their level. Sit on the floor with them, pretend to be a cat alongside them, taste their invisible pretend food and cook up a little invisible pancake on your own. When you can be truly playful without judging yourself, you are truly free. And freedom = vibrations higher than you ever thought possible. Don't know any children to play with? Volunteer at a church, shelter, school or daycare!


Make your thoughts take form and turn writing into a spiritual, nourishing and uplifting experience. As a creative and sensitive person, you probably know the value of journaling about your emotions when you are feeling low and overwhelmed. However, that same practice can take you from okay to amazing, if you do it intentionally. Try to creatively brainstorm, plan, dream and scheme on paper – or write a list of 100 things you are excited about. Don't stop before you are done, the magic comes out when you push past the habitual.

Visit places of worship

You don't have to be religious to benefit from the high energy that is often present in places of worship. Visit your local church, temple, mosque, synagogue or ancient sacred place and just sit. Open your heart and soak in the energy from generations of rituals, prayers, tears and laughter. Just be considerate and make sure you comply and pay respect to local and religious customs and practices. And let the spirits lift you up.

Climb a mountain or hill

Elevation comes from... well, elevation. Get some perspective and feel like you are literally on top of the world – climb a mountain or hill near you.

Engage with animals

Do you have a spirit animal? Engaging with animals – and especially wild ones – can be extremely efficient to raise your vibrations. Dogs and cats are often easily accessible, even if you don't own one yourself, while wild animals can take a little more planning to encounter. Two of my most amazing experiences of rush and highs were with animals; swimming with wild dolphins in Hawaii and playing with a baby lion in a large zoo in Spain.


You may have noticed that I'm not exactly the most sporty person, but I know that a lot of people find sports and physical activity to be something that gives them the most incredible high. And yes, yoga counts!

Delight your senses

As any woman would know, it is totally possible to raise your vibrations just with a little chocolate – especially if you eat it while no one is watching...! Luckily it's not only chocolate that can do this trick, but any amazing food created with love, care and a lot of tenderness. Visit an amazing restaurant, go on a personal mission to find the best ice cream in your city, or head over to visit your mother or grandma for dinner. Or cook your own!

Find flow

You know those times when you are working on something fun and interesting and suddenly five hours have passed? Do that.


Although some would argue that extreme sports fall more on the unsustainable end of the scale, there is a very good reason why people voluntarily jump off of perfectly good airplanes. They feel a rush like nothing on earth! However, you don't necessarily need to try bungee jumping or base jumping to get the feeling of flying. Remember how, when you were a child, you would fly high on that swing until you felt all the butterflies? You can still do that. And while you're at it, visit an amusement park and ride their tallest rollercoaster. You can thank me later.

Connect with spirit

We all have our own ways to connect with something larger. Pray, meditate, chant, move, dance, sing – do what you do to access the bliss that lives inside of you. We are all unique, and we all have our access points. Open the door.

How do you sustainably raise your vibrations? Comment below!