The Freedom Experiment

The Freedom Experiment

Everything is possible

You must take it back

  Take it back


I wish I could take you on my back and carry you through this hard part, like if we were made of light and we never had to worry about speed. I wish I could walk on this water you are drowning in, take your hand, and then fly away with you, so I could show you the stars and the moon and your own beautiful reflection in the dark pool.

I wish you would magically transcend your own sense of fragility, that you could see how your resilience is as strong as diamonds – and that you could know for yourself, even for a second, the incredibly intricate way that you are a crucial piece in the complexity that we call existence.

I wish we could break through the boundaries of time and space together, you and me, so I could show you – and you would believe – that there is a different way, a different way, a different way.

I want you to comprehend, that there is a parallell world out there, entirely real, where you can believe that you are worthy, and that this world is waiting for you –

to take it back. To take it back.

To take it back.