The Freedom Experiment

The Freedom Experiment

Everything is possible

We are the Peacemakers, the Pathfinders and the Torch-bearers. We are the Change.

We are the change. Flower photography from Unsplash by Alysa Bajenaru.  

Even in the midst of great uncertainty, I still see so much hope.

The way people, and women in particular, rise together. The way we show compassion for each other through the challenges. The way we connect – through our shared human experience – no matter what our political, religious or cultural beliefs are. I see so much love.

I think that's why I'm not afraid. 

Still, it's challenging that the world is becoming increasingly unpredictable. And if you follow the news, you know that there are plenty of things to be worried about, all around the world. I feel the tension too. But there is also something happening behind the scenes, something that never makes it to the top of the front page. Something that brings me so much peace.

It may not have made the evening news yet, but undoubtedly there's a movement arising. Like wildflowers in the dirt, like how water will always create it's own path, a tribe of women (and some great men!) is emerging, slowly. And we're the catalysts of a new way of life.

We are nourished by love, compassion, connection and vitality. We are the women drawing our energy from the mother earth. We are the liberators, the trailblazers, the healers.

We are the revolution.

You and I. We are artists, creatives, caretakers and travellers. We are teachers, therapists, coaches and mentors. We are the women who run businesses, families, organisations and non-profits. We are minimalists, nomads, yogis and vegans. We are the energy workers and the spiritual leaders. We are introverts, highly sensitive, feminine and alternative. We are the mothers raising new generations, based on old wisdom. We are the journalists, lawyers, innovators and scientists. We are the truth-seekers and the whistleblowers. We connect with our bodies, heal our wounds, nourish and educate ourselves. We work from compassion, empathy and wisdom. We reduce, reuse and recycle. We are everywhere. We love.*

(* This list is by no means exhaustive. Comment below and share how you're a part of the movement!)

We are the future.

Ours is a movement springing from a deep wisdom of cyclical, ecological inter-connectedness. We understand that what conventional society sees as our greatest weaknesses really are our greatest strengths. We understand that vulnerability is what makes us powerful. We understand that the way forward is to go back to the roots. We believe change happens through community, collaboration and communication.

And we need you to join us in the ultimate mission; to heal and restore this world we live in. To balance out the fear and hate. To be the guardians of our planet. To create real change that will benefit all of us. 

Now is the time to make that shift in lifestyle. Now is the time to realign your life with your values. Now is the time to speak up. We cannot afford to wait.

And remember this:

In times like these, silence isn't quiet. By not taking a stand, you are making a choice. (Tweet this!)

So if you have a calling, now is the time to follow that little flicker of inspiration in your heart that says "yes". Do that thing you have always wanted to do. Join our cause.

Because we are the peacemakers, pathfinders and torch-bearers. The future is ours.

We are the change.


Some ways to join the movement

In addition to doing what you can from within the conventional framework (political, economical), I suggest that you also do the following:

- Educate yourself. In addition to the news, read about concepts like non-violent communication, empathy, shame, forgiveness, love, minimalism, nutritional health, climate change, feminine energy +++

- Realign your work. If your career and work-life is misaligned with your values; change it. Do the same job for a new company that supports the mission, or break out of the race. If you're really a healer or an artist stuck in a cubicle, take the leap. The world needs you. If you can't change it all, start that business, non-profit or organisation on the side. If you need help to make the shift, invest in and ask for the support you need. It's all worth it.

- Practice peace. If you have un-resolved energy with someone, be the first to reach out a hand. Swallow your pride. Forgive and ask for forgiveness. Apologise. Make up for what you are responsible for. Forgive your ex-husband/friend/family member/boss/enemy/other person, even if the other person really was the one to blame. Peace is better than being right.

- Connect and communicate. Make friends with people with different faiths, beliefs and values than you. Hang out with people you think you don't have anything in common with. Reach out and be approachable. Be open. Listen more than you speak. Love. Relate. Peace starts with every one of us.

- Let your lifestyle be the change. Start shifting into a more sustainable lifestyle. Sell, recycle or give away what you don't need. Stop the excess shopping. Downsize your housing. Go vegetarian or vegan. Start exercising and moving more. Spend more time in nature. Volunteer. Take care of yourself and your health.

- Take care of your emotional and mental health. Uncertainty creates fear. Fear can turn into anger. Fear can lead to fatigue. Fatigue can lead to resignation and hopelessness. Don't let this happen to you. Take care of your emotional health. Talk about how you feel. Write and journal. Find a support group, or start one. Learn to manage your thoughts, and to turn them off. If you have a faith, hold on to it for support. Heal your trauma. Get the help you need. We are in this together. You are not alone.

- Make your life as great as it can be. There's no badge of honour for suffering. It won't help the cause. Instead, live freely. Follow your dreams. Embrace vitality. Raise your vibrations. Climb mountains and watch the sunsets. Eat the chocolate. Be yourself, while ALSO contributing to the mission. Help re-distribute the wealth. Find ways where your greatest dreams overlap the greater good. Use your freedom to help free others. The world will be healed when all people are free.


Are you a part of the tribe? Share the message, and comment below to let us know where you are and what you do! 


We are the change.